Changes at Thruxton Kart Centre - COVID-19

24 Jul 20

Our sales team have been inundated with phone calls and emails as we start to open the kart centre again. Please bear with us, we will get back to you.

We'd like to thank all of our customers for their support during this difficult time. We're looking forward to welcoming you all back and seeing the kart centre in action again.


Office Opening Hours

Our sales team will be available from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Call us on 01264 882231 to check availability. Alternatively email:


Safety measures

We have strict safety and social distancing measures in place. We'll be taking extensive measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues throughout the kart centre by implementing strict social distancing and other preventative measures to ensure we can operate safely. This will include clear signage and enhanced cleaning procedures.

In addition to this, we have sourced and invested in hand sanitiser stations, anti-viral surface cleaning products and protective safety screens where appropriate. We do however rely heavily on the cooperation of our visitors to comply with the latest government guidance and best practice to ensuring a safe venue for all.

In line with Government guidance, if you are displaying any symptoms whatsoever (new/persistent/continuous cough, fever and loss or change to your sense of smell/taste) you should not attend Thruxton Kart Centre under any circumstances.

  • Fixed and stand-alone sanitising stations and signage in place along with social distancing signs and banners.
  • One way route around the building with clear directional signage.
  • Perspex screens at reception along with appropriate PPE for staff handling helmets/race suits.
  • Face masks for all staff.
  • Sanitised racewear for single customer use only.
  • Ozone sanitising cabinet for all helmets and other equipment.
  • “Hygiene Pack” comprising of balaclava and gloves are mandatory to any driver that doesn’t have their own. These can be purchased on the day and cost £3
  • Cleaning of the building and karts between groups.
  • Card payments only.
  • Limited group numbers.
  • Spectators/none participating visitors are not allowed into the kart centre building.
  • Increased time between events to minimise crossover.



Do I need to book, or can I just turn up?
We run arrive and drive sessions on an open basis but strongly recommend calling ahead to avoid unecessary waiting, please call 01264 771 988. All other events need to be booked in advance. Check the what's on page for the latest availability.

Can I bring my own race suit, helmet and gloves?
Yes, if you have your own equipment then you’re welcome to use them. However, it’s not mandatory. We have a 'Hygiene Pack' available for £3 (balaclava and gloves) which you can keep and use again in the future.

Will social distancing be adhered to at the Kart Centre?
Yes, we’ve put strict safety measures in place inside the kart centre which includes clear social distancing guidelines to ensure customers are kept apart at all times. The directional signage will guide you when you arrive at the kart centre and throughout the building.

What cleaning measures have you put in place?
We have purchased 'Ozone Cabinets' which disinfect and sanitise racewear such as helmets and other equipment. Our suits are washed after every single use. We are also making it mandatory for customers to wear a balaclava which covers your face and neck (leaving an open area in front of your eyes). You can either bring your own balaclava or purchase our 'Hygiene Pack' for £3 which includes a balaclava and gloves.

If you have your own equipment, you are more than welcome to use these.

The building and karts will be sanitised between groups.

Do I need to arrive for my event any earlier?
No. Please arrive for your event at the time stated on your booking. If you do arrive earlier, please wait in your car to give the previous group time to exit the kart centre and our team time to sanitise the building and karts.

If I feel sick before my event, what should I do?
Do not come to the kart centre. Please call us on 01264 771988 or email and we'll talk through available options.

Can cadets and juniors use the kart centre?
Yes, our club circuit is also re-opening. Check the what's on page for the latest availability and times when the circuit will be open.


Building Layout

When arriving at the kart centre, follow the directional signage to the entrance. Please follow the one-way system at all times.

One-way system